Our History

VERFORA has emerged from the company Cooper that was founded in 1951.
Today, VERFORA is the new Swiss brand in the field of health that focuses on continuity.

Establishment of Vifor Ltd.

1944: Establishment of Vifor Ltd.

The pharmacist René Grosclaude founds Vifor Ltd.; the company produces over-the-counter medicines.

    Establishment of Cooper

    1951: Establishment of Cooper

    Cooper is founded by pharmacists for pharmacists and thus lays the foundation for our company and our product portfolio.


      Acquisition of Galenica

      1977: Acquisition of Galenica

      The company now belongs to a group that is completely dedicated to the Swiss specialist trade.


        Launch of Triofan Schnupfen

        1985: Launch of Triofan Schnupfen

        Thanks to its unique double action, today it is № 1 on the market for cold remedies.


          Launch of Algifor

          1991: Launch of Algifor

          Launch of the first analgesic with ibuprofen lysinate. Later, innovations were launched as a suspension and as liquid caps. Today clear market leader.


            Acquisition of Demopharm

            1998: Acquisition of Demopharm

            The cough phytopharmaceuticals line DemoPectol/DemoTussol and the flu remedy Demogripal C were added to the product portfolio.


              Acquisition of Anti-Brumm

              2002: Acquisition of Anti-Brumm

              Launched more than 50 years ago by Eduard Vogt. Today market leader in insect repellents in Switzerland, and being exported already to 25 countries.


                Acquisition of Perskindol

                2004: Acquisition of Perskindol

                Following the acquisition of Pharma Singer, the product range was expanded, and the brand has developed strongly. Today available in 25 countries.


                  Establishment of Vifor Consumer Health

                  2015: Establishment of Vifor Consumer Health

                  The consumer health business is spun off from Vifor Pharma. The over-the-counter medicines and OTC products are placed under the umbrella of Vifor Consumer Health.


                    Acquisition of Merfen

                    2017: Acquisition of Merfen

                    The market leader in wound disinfection supplements our product portfolio.


                      Initial public offering of Galenica Group

                      2017: Initial public offering of Galenica Group

                      Today’s Galenica Group is taken public by the then parent company, which today is Vifor Pharma Ltd., in the context of an IPO (public share placement) as an independent company at the Swiss Stock Exchange SIX. Vifor Consumer Health is a part of Galenica Group.


                        VERFORA Ldt.

                        2018: VERFORA Ldt.

                        To emphasise the separation of Vifor Pharma on the market, Vifor Consumer Health becomes VERFORA®. A strong partner in the future as well, with an attractive product portfolio and specialist services and training for pharmacies and drugstores.